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Introduction to Lumenteck

Over the years, solar energy use has been increasing and expects to increase more for the following years. This website is all about the news, trends, updates, and informational content about solar energy.

But who thought about making this website and why is it so important to do so?

The Owner of Lumenteck

Hi! I’m Louie Dodd and I’m the one who owns this solar energy website, Lumenteck. So how did I end up making this website?

Well, it’s simple. After the increased demand of solar energy, I’ve noticed that most people are facing a major problem.

The Problem

I’ve found out that knowledge about solar energy is rather unknown to many people, which is pretty reasonable because of its complex nature.

Some might simply be intimidated, while some just don’t know how to understand and can’t catch up to its complexity. So that’s why this website was created.

Our Mission

While there are many books and information out there, there’s no insurance that they can be understood by just about anyone who reads them. So I created this website so that it can serve as a platform to anyone to learn about solar energy.

Whether you have a decent existing knowledge about solar energy, or you’re just starting out on understanding it, we bring content that you can understand. From beginning to the end, you will surely find no shortcomings in understanding each word.

But why do people need to learn and understand what solar energy is?

The Importance of Understanding Solar Energy

In order for the industry to grow and develop, it is required for not just contractors, but also ordinary homeowners, to understand what solar energy is.

If not, they won’t be able to comprehend why they need to invest their money, time, and effort in solar energy technologies. It’s not all about the economy of businesses, but it’s also for the future of energy.

What Do Lumenteck Bring?

However, it’s not all about learning and studying about the solar energy industry. Lumenteck offers a lot more than that. You’ll also find the latest news, trends, and updates regarding the solar energy industry on this website.

If you want to be the first one to learn about the latest news, subscribe to Lumenteck and I can even send you the latest of our informational content.