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The Connection Between Oil and Solar Energy Revealed

The solar and oil and gas industries have been competing for the future of energy for a long time now. But that doesn’t scratch the surface of what their relationship really is.

In fact, some might not know about it, but solar energy is starting to play a critical role to the oil and gas industries. Over the years, there has been several advancements in the solar energy sector.

Now that the technologies have improved greatly, oil and gas industries are now finding a need for it. So in this blog post, you’ll learn the connections between the oil and gas industry and solar energy.

The Problem of the Oil and Gas Industry

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Oil and gas companies can’t perform operations such as drilling, mining, and others, without energy. That’s already a given. Now here’s the problem:

How can they continue the operations in places without much energy? That’s one reason why solar energy is becoming more and more important to oil and gas industries.

Transporting Energy Can Be Costly

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Since they have to bring the energy, they consume on their job sites one way or another, off-grid solar energy is very important. They’ll save travelling expenses, time, and effort only because they don’t have to transport and store energy anymore.

Storage Is Easier to Manage

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Besides transport, solar energy can be stored onsite easily than most types of energy. And they can save more energy just because it an last all day long.

But that’s not exactly the deepest connection between these industries. There are more, but his is definitely the most noteworthy.

3 Common Myths About Solar Panels Busted

Solar panels can bring numerous benefits to home owners and even the neighborhood. That’s common knowledge. Others suggest that you will only gain something and lose nothing with solar panels.

But as usual, there are still skeptics that doubt solar panels. This might be due to the countless myths that surround solar panels. So we’re here to set the record straight.

We’re going to debunk the three most common misconceptions regarding solar panels and how it affects buyers’ decision to invest in solar panels. Let’s get on with it!

The ROI Takes Too Long

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This is one of the most common myths you’ll found surrounding solar panels. You will need to wait for ten years just to see the return on investment.

This is actually incorrect. You will need to take into account how much energy the solar panel can create and how much the initial installation cost was.

Since there are several factors affecting this, it’s only going to take only four to six years to see some ROI. Aside from that, your house value will increase for every bit of energy saved.

You Need to Live in Places That Have a Sunny Climate

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This might not be an issue to others, but people in places with cloudy or any other climate besides sunny, will have issues when deciding to invest in solar panels.

You guessed that right, this is also incorrect. By definition, solar panels don’t rely on the temperature of the sun, it’s the energy. So even with colder climates, you’ll benefit from solar panels the same as with sunny climates.

Solar Panels Need to Be Maintained Regularly

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Solar panels are built not only to be durable, but also in a way that it requires minimal maintenance. So there’s no need to think of the maintenance costs and all that, because they do not exist with solar panels.

Whether you like it or not, you’ll also see some issues when having solar panels. So it would do you good to study about how solar panels work and how you can utilize them to the max.

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